Cultivating Positive Self-Esteem in Girls


I know positive self-esteem is not just an issue for girls, but when it comes to friendships and the way students treat each other, it is most visible with girls.  Practically everyday, a different little girl will come up to me, upset because of how her “friend” treated her.  Yet, without fail, she will be back attempting to play with the same girl at the next break.

So, why do girls repeatedly try to befriend people that are not nice to them?  Self-esteem seems like the obvious answer, but I feel like there is more to it than this. I can’t help but wonder if there is also something attractive about the challenge of getting others to like us, or maybe even a love for the drama of things not being easy.

As much as I recognize the absurdity of these unbalanced relationships, I’m not immune.  Even as an adult…

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