Creative Play Quick Tip: Kids Vote

What a fab way to educate kids about the importance of voting!

Melissa & Doug Blog

With the U.S. presidential election right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to introduce kids to the topic of voting. The good news: There’s no need to get political! You can let kids vote on what to have for snack, what to read at bedtime, and even whether to take the shortcut or the scenic route home. Even better, counting up votes is great for early math skills, and helps kids understand the idea of democracy, too.

Here are a couple of ways to let your kids get a taste of the democratic process with simple graphing and tracking activities. Start by picking a no-lose topic (or you may end up being outvoted and baking cookies for dinner!). Then count ’em up with these three play-based learning activities:

OPTION 1: Stack them up

Give each child one wooden block (all of the same size). On a piece of construction…

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