Books on Screen @cdmsj Children’s Discovery Museum

Little eLit


This was the second full set of Books on Screen programs at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose.

Things I realized during this set of programs:

  1. I have always had trouble with pacing; I’m a very bouncy, high-energy person and it takes a lot of work for me to slow down and move at the pace of the children (and parents) in the room. When I first started working with apps in storytime I often got annoyed when it took too long for an app to load, or for pages to turn within the app. But now I realize that this might actually be a blessing in disguise because I am forced to slow down and wait for the app before barreling through the story again. I mentioned this in a workshop I co-lead on Friday and we all marveled at how this cutting edge, fast-moving technology is…

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