Snapped spines and dog ears


How do you treat your books?dog ears

We girls who heart books are always going on about how we will never forsake the printed paper book for the ebook, however awesome and convenient it may be to have an entire digital library in our pockets. We ooh and aah over hardback glossiness and sniff the pages of newly minted paperbacks. Eh-hem, well some of us do!

Anyway, I’m fascinated to learn how you, the GirlsHeartBook girls (who heart books), treat your literary prized possessions.

Do you keep your place with a book mark or turn the corners down to make dog ears? (I do both)bookmarks

Are you careful not to break the spines or do you violently fold your books in half so you can hold them in one hand (while you eat Jammy Dodgers with the other)?

Do you organise your books alphabetically (by author or title) or by colour…

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