Full Moon rises with 8th Annual Northwest Indian Storytelling Festival

Tree Oathe - Fresh Ancients of Cascadia & Beyond....


Tales this year at the 8th Annual Northwest Indian Storytelling Festival roamed a world in which bear, coyote, bobcat, butterfly, whale, mountain lion, salmon, perch, buffalo, beaver, seal, wolf, eagle, raven, iktomi, cedar, wild iris, chokecherry and many more of our indigenous characters revealed teachings for us humans. Humans who appeared as fools, as fishermen, as hunters warriors, as lovers, racers, as wise elders and as disrespectful naughty ones. Humans finding their way together with the animals, the tricksters, the many relations.

First Nations tellers included representatives of  the Chehalis, Kalapuya, Quinault, Yakama, Coos, Shoshone Bannock, Blackfoot, Grande Ronde, Nez Perce, Apache, Chinook, Dine, Navajo, Ute, Chickasaw. Choctaw, Cherokee, Skokomish, Lower Elwha S’Klallam, Jamestown S’Klallam,  and many many more…

Amidst the stories bear lost her two tails, bossy limbed snake was bound and rolled into her modern form with a hiss for humans, whale gifted us with our…

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