Enjoy the Summer Savings and Suport Team Matthew at the same time!






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Help Support Team Matthew Ouiment

Matthew Ouimet is 2 years old. He has Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1.   He just received a liver/kidney transplant and is at UCSF fighting like a little warrior to receive and keep these treasured gifts.  Prior to surgery, Matthew’s Mom, Kristi Wisecarver -Ouimet was driving 6 days a week from their home in Antioch, CA to UCSF (University of CA San Fransisco) for dialysis and to prep Matthew in the hopes that he would some day receive these organs. As you can imagine, bills are piling up! The Ouimet family’s other worries should not be  financially based.

Matthew Ouimet Raising awareness about Organ Donation!

Matthew Ouimet Raising awareness about Organ Donation!

By clicking here you can get access to the Little Birds Read Marketplace to help support Matthew and his family:

Barefoot Books :: 39297

Total sales commision from this event will be donated to the Ouimet family to help ease their burden!

Thank you for all of your time, energy, love and prayers!!Team Matthew!!!

Weather Report: Books and Activities | Summer Learning for Kids | Start with a Book

Weather Report: Books and Activities | Summer Learning for Kids | Start with a Book.


Awesome Ideas for encouraging the little bird(s) to read and be active about what they are reading!  If your little bird(s) enjoys what they read and an activity they tried, then the site has many more related websites, activities, and writing prompts.

Summertime Reading! Part 1

Reading is a skill that will make you successful throughout your entire life. I strongly believe that while summer is a time to let kids be kids, they still need to be strongly encouraged to continue practicing the skills that had learned during the school year!  I know that sounds easier than when done.  For that reason, I am scouring the web to find activities, contests, challenges, and good books to encourage positive involvement from your children!

Why not make it fun!

Here is one summer reading challenge that you can register for and try!


Parents if you create an account on  http://www.memetales.com/ and register you will have access to numerous tools to help make reading time fun time. The tools include a digital library of books that you can browse, your own collection of digital books, and the opportunity to publish stories. You can read the books on your computer at home or download an app to read on your smart phone.

Currently, the on  memetales blog site (http://blog.memetales.com/2012/06/how-do-i-participate-in-readathon-201), more detailed instructions are given on how to participate. During the contest, each child will have six weeks of reading challenge.   The will be  required to  read books about a given theme. They are also encouraged to share details, and thoughts about the book with their friends.  Hopefully, they will even share the book!   When the six week time period is completed  they will earn a sticker for their hard work and completion!

(Great incentive to get that reading done!)        

        Upon the completion, children will earn a Grand Certificate where all stickers earned can be pasted onto and proudly displayed!

 Whoo Hoo!

Please comment back if you plan to try the challenge and let us know how it is working in your home!  Also, please share and ideas, comments, questions, and/or suggestions that you may have! Let us know what works!