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Independent Publisher recently ran a lovely feature, ‘Indie 

Groundbreaking Publisher: Barefoot Books’, including an interview with 

Barefoot Books CEO and Co-Founder Nancy Traversy and some great 

coverage on our Ambassador programme:

‘As part of their mission to give back, Barefoot Books has established its 

Ambassador program, which Traversy called their “social selling network 

of passionate moms, teachers, grandparents,” and others who sell 

Barefoot titles, receiving a portion of the profit, much like an independent 

bookseller. Barefoot Books Ambassadors include any and all individuals 

passionate about the power of children’s books and in building 

communities, participating in charity work and benefiting those around 

them while earning independently. . . . The Ambassador program also 

gives the founders a chance to connect more closely with its distributors 

and consumers, establishing and expanding its community of readers.

26 Earth Day Crafts, Art, and Free Printables for Kids

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How to celebrate Earth day activities for kids with these Earth day crafts, art, and printables.  Earth Day is every year on April 22 and a fun day to bring awareness on how to recycle and treat our Earth with these fun Earth Day art, recipes, and free printable crafts.

earth day

What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of what some consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.  It is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day Craft

1.  Mr. Recycle Head Man ~ Create your own one-of-a-kind Mr. Potato Head uses recycled products.  Items you’ll need include tin cans, felt scraps and scrap paper.  I just adore the wheat grass hair!

Earth Day Activity

2.  Earth Day {Party Ideas} ~ Using earth’s elements you can create a beautiful Earth Day party, which happens to be April 22nd!  Earth Day is a day to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.  Some great table cape elements include grass, potted plants, river rocks, moss, a globe of the Earth, garden tools, and flowers.  Commemorate the day by planting flowers.

Spring Crafts

3.  Terrarium tutorial ~ Here is a great tutorial on how to make  woodland-themed moss terrariums with pictured instructions.

Earth Day Activities

4.  Earth Day Worksheet ~ A fun cut and paste worksheet using the letters ECOLOGY.

Earth Day Crafts

Earth Day Crafts

5.  Earth Day Digital Stamps {Digital Stamps} ~ This free digital stamp comes with a little girl or little boy, and in color or in black & white. Use this free Digi stamp to create Earth Day cards or crafts with children.

Earth Day Craft

6.  Time to Recycle {Earth Day Crafts for Kids} ~ Here are three great Earth Day crafts for kids to teach them about the importance of recycling. We all need to do our part in keeping our earth green and theses hands-on crafts will aid parents, making teaching about saving our earth a snap.

Earth Day Craft

7.  Playdoh Planet Earth ~ This easy craft doubles as a craft for school age children and as a prompt to learn about Earth Day. Children will love the earth you created with playdough, and their faces will really light up when you cut the earth in half to show them all the layers.

Earth Day Craft

8.  Earth Day Felt Counting Book ~ Make a felt counting book for your children in honor of Earth Day.  Each page relates to an element of earth as well as the number to count.  A great boredom buster and learning tool!

Earth Day Printables

Earth Day Printable

9.  Earth Day “Love the Earth” Print ~ This 8 x 10 printable is perfect for Earth Day, or for all year round.  You could also print a smaller version and make them into greeting cards the kids could fill out for their teacher or school friends.

Earth Day Printable

10.  I Love Trees Earth Day Printable ~ Celebrating Earth Day? Download, print and frame this cute Earth Day printable, but make sure to do so on recycled paper.

Earth Day Printable

11.  Printable Earth Day Note Cards {Printable Cards} ~ Make sure to print these Earth Day Greeting Cards on recycled paper.  Choose to Reuse.

Earth Day Printable

12.  Love Earth Poster {Free Earth Day Printables} ~ Get this 16×20 poster printed to display in your home.  This specimen art style poster is one that you will want to reuse year after year.

Earth Day Printables

13.  Earth Day Stations {free printable} ~ Free printable labels for “Earth Day Stations”. Perfect to make a compost, recycling and bag station.

Earth Day Printable

14.  Tree Planting Kit for Kids ~ Inspire your children to plant a tree in honor of Earth Day with this free printable kit!

Earth Day Art

Earth Day Art

15.  Earth Day Shirt ~ Make an Earth Day Shirt using fabric paint and your children’s hand prints.

Earth Day Art

16.  Tissue Paper Earth Day {free template} ~ Cutting and pasting is such a fun project for little ones.  You can let them get messy for a good cause with this project.  {Wink}  Print the free earth template in color or black and white.

Earth Day Art

17.  Stained Glass Planet Earth ~ Have your children create a stained glass earth from tissue paper, glue and wax paper.  They will feel a great sense of pride when their artwork is hanging for all to see.

Earth Day Craft

18.  Plantable Paper for Earth Day ~ Made from recycled materials, this homemade paper has added seeds so that it can be planted.

Earth Day Recipes and Food

Earth Day Recipes and Food

19.  Earth Day Pancakes {Kids Food Crafts} ~ Celebrate Earth Day by having Earth pancakes.  For breakfast, the world really is flat.  They are also a fun breakfast for Columbus Day or any day.

Earth Day Recipe

20.  Earth Day Dinner ~ This is a fun dinner to make with the kids to celebrate Earth Day! It’s a great way to start-up a conversation with them about how to keep the Earth clean.

Earth Day Recipe

21.  Worm Dirt Pudding ~ This is a simple worm dirt recipe that is fun to put together and makes a great activity to do with a child. They will love-making and eating this yummy dirt pudding.

Earth Day Recipes and Food

22.  Earth Lollipop Cookies ~ A great way to recycle lollipop sticks is to make cookies on a stick.

Earth Day Recipes

23.  Earth Day Cupcakes ~ Show your love of mother earth with this festive cupcakes.  Bird on a Cake share with you the technique to make the adorable heart in the middle.

Crafts To Be More Green

Crafts to Be More Green

24.  Homemade Holidays: Seed Bombs ~ Seed balls, or seed bombs, a little earthen truffle, are perfect treats for anyone who appreciates a beautiful flower.

Earth Day Crafts

25.  Earth Day Bird Feeder ~ In honor of Earth Day, make this simple DIY Bird Feeder using repurposed and recyclable materials.

Earth Day Craft

26.  Bottle Cap Candles Tutorial ~ these tiny candles are a really fun to make and come together quickly. AND you can up-cycle several materials in the process, which makes this a fabulous craft.


Weather Report: Books and Activities | Summer Learning for Kids | Start with a Book

Weather Report: Books and Activities | Summer Learning for Kids | Start with a Book.


Awesome Ideas for encouraging the little bird(s) to read and be active about what they are reading!  If your little bird(s) enjoys what they read and an activity they tried, then the site has many more related websites, activities, and writing prompts.


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