The Blog, Raising Humans Partners with Barefoot Books

 Raising Humans Blogger Partners with Barefoot Books

The author of the blog Raising Humans discusses her choice for partnering with Barefoot Books. She also discusses the Barefoot Book, Girl Brave Heart, and why she chose to add it to her daughter’s book collection.

The Girl with a Brave Heart


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ReadImagine’s mission…. We help kids fall in love with reading by bringing books to life and developing the skills that allow them to do the same within their own imaginations.

ReadImagine has vision. Revolutionary, beautiful, big-picture vision. The partnerships they are creating with libraries involves collaborative programming in a number of different systems in California, the development of a distribution platform and original interactive story apps. This is a groundbreaking initiative.”

Cen Campbell, Children’s Librarianginations.

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Remember your favorite book as a child?

You read it again and again. You may even still have it, with your name scrawled inside the front cover.

It made you the Book Person you are today.

Imagine never having that book. Imagine a childhood without a book to call your own.

Today, there is only 1 book for every 300 children in low-income neighborhoods in the U.S.

That’s where RIF comes in. To help children with hungry minds.

Children like Michelle, whose teacher credits the books RIF provides with helping her through the sudden loss of her father. Or Rhonda in Nashville, who chose a RIF book not for herself, but because she wanted to read it out loud to her younger sister. Or Aidan, who sent us a card saying kids at his school don’t have enough books.

There are 16 million kids living in poverty in the U.S., and they need our help.

You’re a Book Person. Will you be a Book Hero?

For just $10 a month, RIF can get 4 kids in need a book of their own every single month.

And you’ll get a free RIF bumper sticker.

Help give children a book to scribble their names in, a book to treasure and love, a book to call their own.

Book People Unite,

Jay Brown
One of RIF’s Book People

P.S. RIF served 4 million children last year, but so many more need our help. Join RIF’s Book Heroes today – at any monthly amount.

Reading Is Fundamental

Reading Is Fundamental

Be Book Smart 2012 Reading Is Fundamental Sweepstakes!

Visit your local Macy’s from June 22 to July 31

Give a $3 donation to provide a book for a child

Receive $10 off a $50 purchase @ Macy’s store.

Each week during that time enter on RIF site for a chance to win a $500 Macy’s gift card!

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Summertime Reading! Part 1

Reading is a skill that will make you successful throughout your entire life. I strongly believe that while summer is a time to let kids be kids, they still need to be strongly encouraged to continue practicing the skills that had learned during the school year!  I know that sounds easier than when done.  For that reason, I am scouring the web to find activities, contests, challenges, and good books to encourage positive involvement from your children!

Why not make it fun!

Here is one summer reading challenge that you can register for and try!

Parents if you create an account on and register you will have access to numerous tools to help make reading time fun time. The tools include a digital library of books that you can browse, your own collection of digital books, and the opportunity to publish stories. You can read the books on your computer at home or download an app to read on your smart phone.

Currently, the on  memetales blog site (, more detailed instructions are given on how to participate. During the contest, each child will have six weeks of reading challenge.   The will be  required to  read books about a given theme. They are also encouraged to share details, and thoughts about the book with their friends.  Hopefully, they will even share the book!   When the six week time period is completed  they will earn a sticker for their hard work and completion!

(Great incentive to get that reading done!)        

        Upon the completion, children will earn a Grand Certificate where all stickers earned can be pasted onto and proudly displayed!

 Whoo Hoo!

Please comment back if you plan to try the challenge and let us know how it is working in your home!  Also, please share and ideas, comments, questions, and/or suggestions that you may have! Let us know what works!